OpenEdge Architect: Answers to Frequently Asked PEG Question

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OpenEdge Architect: Answers to Frequently Asked PEG Question

Сообщение dmi » 15 фев 2006, 19:51

by Kimberly N. Mager - Principal Product Manager OpenEdge Development Tools, Progress Software

Many questions have come up on the PEG regarding OpenEdge Architect, how
it differs from OpenEdge Studio and what are the true benefits of the
trade-in promotion. I have compiled a list of Frequently Asked
Questions below which, I hope, will begin to answer some of these

Question: Is OpenEdge Architect a "New Product"?
Answer: Yes. OpenEdge Architect (with only a few exceptions) was built
from the ground up by the Progress Software Tools Development
Engineering Group. Even though it is included in the OpenEdge 10.1A
family of products, OpenEdge Architect is really a V1 product.

Question: What is the difference between OpenEdge Studio and OpenEdge
Architect (i.e. what makes OpenEdge Architect "new" as opposed to
Answer: OpenEdge Architect is different from OpenEdge Studio in two
fundamental ways: platform and development paradigm.

As you know, up until the introduction of OpenEdge Architect, Progress
Development tools have been written in the 4GL. OpenEdge Architect is
written in Java and is based on the Eclipse Open Source Platform.
OpenEdge Studio is a collection of separate development products bundled
together. OpenEdge Architect is a true IDE - a set of tools for software
development that have been integrated to collaborate with each other and
are run from within a single user interface. The benefits you will
realize with OpenEdge Architect are numerous, including

** State-of-the-art development environment will provide you with
industry standard features and functionality (project-based application
development configurable workspaces, template driven code generation,
role based perspectives, etc.)

** Many basic and advanced editing features will increase your
productivity (text hover, auto completion, navigational aids, automatic
formatting of 4GL elements as you type, etc.)

** Progress and 4GL specific productivity tools will help you develop
your code more efficiently (DB Navigator for intuitive, hierarchical
data schema views and advanced SQL support, fully integrated OpenEdge
Debugger, design-time Meta Catalog, AppBuilder hosted in OpenEdge
Architect, for visual UI development, with complete bi-directional
synchronization, etc.)

**Based on the Eclipse Open Source Platform will allow you to chose from
and easily add many, many 3rd party plug-ins (SCM tools, Design tools,

Development Paradigm:

OpenEdge Studio is primarily focused on User Interface Design and
Development. It employs and encourages UI-centric methodologies
(SmartObjects, ADM/ADM2, Progress Dynamics, etc.)

OpenEdge Architect employs architecture-centric methodologies,
encouraging developers to design first and to begin with their business
logic (ProDataSets with template driven code generation, OERA/SOA, Tools
for Business Logic, etc.), resulting in:

-- Modeling before coding
-- Separation of Business Logic from UI
-- N-Tier/SOA Architecture
-- Development of Business Logic as services/processes

Finally, it is important to understand that this first release of
OpenEdge Architect is the beginning the fulfillment of our goal to
provide you with development tools which will leverage all appropriate
technologies within a single integrated development environment and will
help you productively design and develop agile, well architected,
business applications.

Question: What is the benefit of the OpenEdge Architect Trade-in
Answer: Simply put, the goal of the OpenEdge Architect Promotion is to
provide you with a way to work with OpenEdge Architect and evaluate its'
effectiveness and productivity, without disrupting your ongoing
development efforts. The standard Progress Trade-in policy requires
that you discontinue use of the traded-in product 45 days after the
trade-in occurs. This promotion allows you to continue to receive
support on the traded-in product for a year after the trade-in occurs.
It will provide you with the capability to continue developing with your
existing tool while you evaluate OpenEdge Architect.

At the end of the year, the traded-in product will no longer be eligible
for Technical Support, and you will be contractually obligated to stop
developing with it. If you decide (at any time) that you don't want to
keep OpenEdge Architect, you can trade it back in.

I hope this helps.


Kimberly N. Mager
Principal Product Manager
OpenEdge Development Tools
Progress Software